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Happy New Year!

Greetings to All and Happy New Year!

UPDATE : Bonnie is recovering from her surgery and would like to come for a riding event in March!

We are thrilled that she is recovering and excited to hopefully bring her back for an event.

HOWEVER, before we can start to take appointments, we need to know that we will have enough volunteers.

We need individuals, 16 yrs and older, to lead the horses as well as sidewalk for the safety of our riders and horses.

It is most stressful when an event is approaching and not have enough volunteers.

Our goal is to continue to have these events at no cost to our participants, however, without volunteers we cannot continue to do so. We have been in discussion with Bonnie to have more events and continue to grow our program and provide equine assisted learning sessions.

However, in order to to do this , we need volunteers.

We are going to ask that each family who would like for their child(ren) to participate to assist us in recruiting volunteers.

Please ask them to contact us at or 812-366-4517.

We would like to make a decision by February 1st, if we can bring Bonnie here in March. We personally cover all her expenses and are committed to having this program. We truly need your help if we are to continue.

They say it takes a village and this village is in need of help to keep this program alive.

Please help us find our much needed volunteers.

Thank you!

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